The reasons behind “The Inner Hippie Club”

Today I want to share with you a little bit about why I decided to write my book. And about all the fears that have been holding me back up to now.

All of my life, I’ve been wanting to write a book. Why have I been waiting until now? You may ask. The answer is actually quite simple. Fear. Fear of failure and fear of not being good enough.

Years ago I always used to think that my fear of failure and my fear of not being good enough is something very unique to me. When I used to look around, I saw other people doing exceedingly well, showing up and having a lot of success in their careers, yet there was me lagging behind. And even though I was successful in many ways in my life, I did not have the wealth and financial profit to show for it, like some of my peers.

For many, many years, I made the big mistake of confusing success with money. I was convinced that in order to be successful, you had to earn a lot of money, and that ultimately wealth was something that you measured your success by.

It took me a very long time to realise how far from the truth this is. When I started working through all my fears and problems, after I had my burnout several years ago, I started to realise that I was not alone. I noticed that even some of my friends and acquaintances who appear to be doing so well were feeling exactly like me underneath. They had fears and doubts about their own abilities and about their own success.

Now, that started to make me think. How come there are so many successful people, who on the face of it have everything that you could desire and have achieved great things, and yet they are feeling exactly like me? Not good enough? There must be something in it. There must be a reason.

I started to explore further and further, and the more I got into the topic, and the deeper I got into my spirituality, I realised another important fact – that success cannot be measured measured by money alone. There is so much more to success.

Success is when you manage to overcome a fear. When you stand up in front of a crowd and talk, even though deep down you are dying with fright. When you choose to ignore your stage fright, and you go out there and show yourself. That is being successful. Successful is simply getting up in the morning when you are feeling terrible. Successful is when you have managed to raise a family, and have a great career, and you are managing all these many chores and you are still surviving. There are so many different types of success in this world!

I decided at that point to work on my fear. I started practising gratitude. I started counting all my little blessings. And my large blessings. I sat down and really thought about every single thing I have achieved in my life, and everything I have gotten now and decided to feel deep gratitude for all of it. And the more I wrote down, the more I thought about it, the longer the list got of things I was feeling grateful for.

That was one of the main turning points in my life – when I realised how many blessings I have in my life. With so many blessings, how can I not be successful? My life has been a complete success up to now and the money has nothing to do with it. That I know now.

I also realised that once I started feeling grateful for all my life and all the things in it, I started getting much happier. My happiness levels increased almost instantly. And every day my burden became a little lighter. Even my job, which I didn’t like very much at the time, started feeling not quite so daunting each morning when I got up.

By focusing increasingly on all the positive things in my life, the few negative things started to lose their hold over me. They no longer had as much power. They no longer had the power to make me feel miserable when things went wrong or things didn’t go just as I had planned.

It is a beautiful thing to recover your joy in life. Coming from a place that was not very good, that was quite dark, I managed to find the light again. And for that, I will be eternally grateful.

And I am also eternally grateful that I found my inner hippie again. You may ask what your inner hippie is exactly. Your in a hippie is the wild teenager. The young adult who used to go out and enjoy themselves. The young person who wanted nothing but having fun in life, who had no cares in the world, and no concerns because the responsibilities of the world were not yet on them. The teenager who ran free in the fields. The 18 year old who went to their first rock concert. The young person who went on holiday with their friends and laughed and laughed and laughed for almost two weeks without ever once thinking about problems.

THAT is your inner hippie!

And once you strip away the heaviness of our modern world, the heaviness of our responsibilities, and start releasing this inner hippie back into the world, once you start reconnecting with your wild side and the things that you enjoy in life, that’s when the magic starts.

My book, The Inner Hippie Club is about this very process. I am going to take you on on my personal journey. I’m going to invite each and every one of you, dear readers, to be part of my journey.

Because if I have managed to turn my life around, you can do this, too!

When I managed to find my inner joy again, and to release my inner hippie, I was nobody special. I was not a guru. I was not a super spiritual being. I was simply a woman in her mid 40s, who had had enough of feeling small, unappreciated and unhappy and who wanted to feel like a teenager again.

And this is what I want for you as well, dear reader! I want you to come on this journey with me. I want you to find your inner joy again. And I want you to reclaim your inner hippy because you are a beautiful being and you deserve to have happiness in life! You deserve to have fun and joy and laughter! And you deserve to live life on your own terms!

Let me assure you, if you have made it this far in life, and you have raised a family, you have created a home, you have built up a career for yourself – you are amazing! You have done so well!

And I want for you to have the happiness you deserve to go with that. So you can enjoy and appreciate all the success that you have already had in your life. I want you to feel like the successful person you really are, the beautiful person you really are. I want you to see yourself through the eyes of your families and your friends who all love you, to see how special you are.

So, I am inviting you to follow me on my writing journey. Each week, I will be releasing new pieces of writing from my book. And once the book is complete, you will be the first person to find out about it.

It will be so exciting! Because I know that I have so much to give to you. And I want to give all this knowledge to you, as a gift from my heart. I want you to learn what I have learned. And together, we will form the Inner Hippie Club, a circle of women who are wild at heart and free in spirit.

If you’re inner hippie is crying to be let out, come and join me on this exciting journey! I’ll promise you it will be an exhilerating ride!

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