The Inner Hippie Club – Chapter 1 – Early Childhood

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The Inner Hippie Club – Chapter 1 – Early childhood

There’s nothing really special about my earliest childhood. It was a happy and carefree one, growing up with my grandparents looking after me whilst my parents were at work. Growing up in a small German city in the early 1970s in an environment that was still heavily marked by the memories of war but also a sense of upbeat rebuilding, all at the same time. People were just starting to really get on their feet again and there was a general feel of optimism and security in the air.

My earliest memories of my grandparents’ flat where I spent so much of my time are of an old, quaint, charming place. My grandparents being financially comfortable but not rich by any means, it was filled with old furniture and artefacts dating right back to the early 1950s. The house was a simple workers’ house in the harbour area of the city. It was located on the main road with trams driving past, traffic, the noise of the harbour and the almost constant smell of the big silos opposite that seemed to pervade every single breath you took. Yet when you entered the flat, it was like stepping into another world. The place was a multi-family house and my grandparents had the flat on the ground floor. On the rights side of the corridor was the front door that led into the flat itself. On the left side of the corridor was the entrance into the communal washing area, a true blast from the past with its zinc washing tubs and manual mangle right next to some modern washing machines. The whole house smelled of old wax and cleaning agents mixed with the heavy smell of cabbage and roast dinners from all the different households. These were the days when people still used to cook a full breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

The flat itself was like a step back in time. Linoleum floors, a black Bakelite telephone hanging on the wall in the hallway, the bedrooms and the living room stuffed full with amazing 1950s and 1960s furniture, the crockery the pots and pans, everything in the house was from the 50s and 60s. It’s not surprising really I have always had such soft spot for this era. The wallpapers were those beautiful 1950s patterns. There was no central heating just the big wood burner in the living room. The kitchen was the heart piece of the whole place where life was lived. I can still see my grandmother with her apron standing in front of the huge coal range that she used to cook on. It’s the type of range that you would kill for nowadays. It took up the best part of one wall in the kitchen and it was always stoked and warm, giving its heat to the rest of the flat. There nearly always was the smell of something delicious cooking whenever you entered place. There was this massive dining table and benches and chairs where everybody used to sit around as a family, eating dinner, playing games, doing work. I still see grandad now sitting at the table drinking his milky coffee from the saucer instead of the cup, sitting there in this grey flannel pants and braces. The archetypical grandad you would see in a picture book. And there was grandma still doing the household chores…………………..

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