Commitment to be a writer

The reason for writing this blog today is a very personal one. I’m making a commitment to myself to be a writer. No ifs and buts, no excuses, just a “sit down and get on with it” kind of commitment.

It’s always been my dream to write a book. I’ve been fascinated by books since early childhood and I’ve devoured thousands over my lifetime. And I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of actually writing a book myself.

So what has stopped me until now, you migth ask? The answer is really quite simple ─ fear. Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of being unsuccessful, and a thousand other little fears in between. Writing a book has always seemed such an enourmous undertaking that I felt too intimidated to begin.

But this has changed. Thanks to years of self-healing work I finallly burst the fear bubble. So what if I’m not a Shakespeake? So what if my style is not as eloquent as Hemmingway? I don’t have to be a literary genius to put my thoughts to paper! I just have to be unapologetically me! The rest will follow!

Years of working as a translator, and therefore writing for other people, has certainly given me a solid grounding in the art of writing. So the practical basis is most definitely in place. And my recent increase in social media activities and blogging have flexed my creative writing muscles for the first time.

So when I saw a course on how to write a little while ago I decided that this is it! Let’s get some inspiration and get going! I have no idea yet what exactly I’m going to write. But it’ll something very personal that will also inspire others. Something so personal that it will feel intimidating to write and at the same time totally freeing. Something that will help those who read it feel the same level of freedom! The thought is exhilerating!

It’s time to get going. I will keep you all updated about my progress. I have a feeling it will be a swift one. Once I decide to do something, I’m an action-taker. I get things done. That’s my nature. So come along for the ride with me. It will be fun and scary at the same time but totally awesome!

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