I am really excited – this is the lovely property in Bulgaria I have bought for setting up a retreat centre is this lovely country.

My big vision is to convert this beautiful place, which is set in almost two hectares of land and about a mile away from the nearest neighbours, into an eco living centre for people who want to relax, take time out, explore this intriguing country and at the same time indulge in a host of wellbeing and spiritual activities.

There will be glamping tents and wooden cabins set around a big fireplace, outdoor cooking and lots of fun and enjoyment. A spot of singing around the campfire with guitars and poetry anyone?
There’ll be great food and company and lots of lovely activities, like Chakra Dancing, creative meditations, drumming, chanting, Yoga and more.
I am planning the launch in 2021 so keep your eyes peeled on developments.

I envisage this becoming an international meeting place for lightworkers, people who love this planet and generally anyone with an interest in eco living, wellbeing and relaxation.

Bright blessings,

Silke xx

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