I am a fully qualified animal healer. I have studied and am registered with the Healing Animals Organisation - HAO. 

I provide a holistic approach to animal healing, looking at the whole situation, from food and nutrition to enrichment activities, circumstances at home and the interactions within the family. All of these aspects have an immediate impact on our highly sensitive pets.

After assessing the circumstances and providing the pet guardian with suggestions on how to improve things for their beloved pet, I then give energy healing to the pet.

This is a highly relaxing experience for our furry friends, and even entirely healthy animals will love it and can benefit from it.

I can also give energy healing to the guardian, if I feel that some of the pet's problems arise from stress that is being unwittingly transferred from the guardian. It's not uncommon at all that pets pick up on the emotional states of their humans and suffer from it. Our little friends do worry about us, too!

I also offer Relax HAO K9 Massage, an ideal supplement to animal healing or great on its own when you want to really treat your dog to something special!

Last, but most certainly not least, I provide animal bereavement services. I can gently assist both pet and guardian with the transition over the rainbow bridge. With some thought and loving support this hardest thing of in the world can be transformed into a loving memory instead. Please get in touch with me directly at silke@innerhippieclub.com for a discreet and sensitive discussion.

My work as an animal healer sees me working with private clients as well as animal rescue centres. Healing and enrichment is much needed and so welcome by all shelter animals! The difference it can make to  their quality of life is amazing and it helps them to prepare for human contact once adopted.

For more information, go to www.healinganimals.org